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        The following is a list of all of the mIRC easter eggs that I have found or heard of.  By clicking the link you will be moved to a page that explains exactly how to do the eater egg and a picture of the easter egg.  Have fun! If you find any more, e-mail me.
As of 7/3/98 I put each easter egg on its own page. This allows faster viewing.

        ¤ Khaled's Nose

        ¤ The icons

        ¤ 'arnie'

        ¤ The bouncing dot

        ¤ Change the logo

        ¤ Smiley face 

[mIRC v5.4 - Click Here!]

Note: Since I made the screenshots on my laptop, the mouse pointer doesn't show up. Your not seeing things! :)
Know of another easter egg? E-MAIL ME!

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