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Ok.  I have finally decided to update this page. This page is solely dedicated to ME, not some company, not some product.  If you dont want to know about me, thats ok, you can leave.

Anything which is not on this page is not meant for public knowledge.   You may contact me at (or in person) if you have any questions or comments.

Name: Mark

NickName: Buff3 (more info, click here)

Age/Sex/Location: 17, Male, CT, USA

Status: Single (well duh..)

Hobbies/Personal Interests: I currently spend a majority of my time on the internet (mainly IRC) and other computer related activities. I do some Web Design. You can check out my portfolio if you want. Now it is time to disspell some myths.  I am not a nerd, I am not a geek.  I am weird. 

Ok, so WHAT is weird?.. I went to to find out.

weird (wÓrd)
adj. weird∑er, weird∑est.

1.Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural.
2.Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.
3.Archaic. Of or relating to fate or the Fates.

Source: The American Heritageģ Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition
Copyright © 1996, 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Simple as that. Common question: Why don't you play sports? Simple answer: I'm no good at them.  The following saying will express my feelings perfectly:

"It is better to not do and look like an idiot, than to do and remove all doubt." -Anon

Musical Interests: I listen to anything which has a good sound, but try to stay away from rap and country. Hey, I played the saxophone for 5 years, but I'm not sure that counts as music. I like Weird Al a lot.

Favorite Color: Teal. Duh. TEAL TEAL TEAL

Scary TidBits:  I have 5 computers in my room, but I only use 2 a lot.  I have a twin sister.  

Class Rank (3.5yr): 58 out of 247

Favorite Quote/Wisdom: "He who overcomes others is strong; He who overcomes himself is mighty."

More to come...


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